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April 17, 2020

Episode 10: Take My Breath Away


In the last episode of season one, we talk about TV/film's most favorite medical emergency: the tension pneumothorax! There's drama! There's intrigue! There's therapeutic stabbing! Okay, fine. We get it — it's pretty cool. But some movies do it better than others... Let's talk about it!

(Once again, Claire Temple is the real hero.)


Resources, Citations, and Mentions:


  • Deepa: Daredevil gets 8 out of 10 black medical gloves, Mad Max gets 2 out of 10 guys on floppy sticks, and Just Like Heaven gets 3 out of 10 paring knives at Italian restaurants
  • Jen: on a scale of splenic lacerations, Daredevil gets 0 out of 10, Mad Max gets 10 out of 10, and Just Like Heaven gets 10 out of 10


Like we mentioned in the special outro to this episode, we're currently working on Season 2! So while Season 1 is complete, Docs Watch is definitely not over. What medical topics do you want to hear about? Drop us a line at docswatchpod (at) gmail dot com, or tweet at us @DocsWatchPod!

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