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October 9, 2020

Episode 18: Making a Zombie


It's spooky season, which means it's time to talk about spooky things! Like the LIVING UNDEAD! (I want you to picture a clap of thunder and flash of lightning here.) As with vampires, "zombies" is just too broad a topic to cover in one episode, so we're giving you three! In the first episode of our zombie trilogy, we're going to talk about how you make a zombie. Or at least, how Cambridge scientists made zombies and also destroyed all of the UK in 28 days. We'll discuss not-living-not-dead pathogens, RAGE, and why no one should use Ebola as a viral vector for gene therapy.


Resources, Citations, and Mentions:


How 28 Days Later makes zombies

  • Deepa: 3 out of 10 product placement Pepsi cans
  • Jen: 1 out of 10 infected eye blood drops


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